Dog blog part II

I want to tell you about one big day I had recently. It was definitely different from the other days. Normally I go for a walk with Lena in the mornings up the hill after the beach, and I like it because it’s not too hot and I get to chase geckos in the rocks (those guys are so fast though – I still haven’t caught one!).

Some days we go with Frank for a bigger walk and it gets very hot. I like to sit and rest under the olive trees and drink water from Frank’s hands.

But this day that I want to tell you about was definitely the biggest walk ever! When Frank and Lena got up it was dark. We went in the car and then on a bus. There were other people on the bus too but no other dogs like me. I was curious to smell the people and get some rubs but I wasn’t allowed to walk around the bus and had to stay on Frank’s lap. We went a long way on the bus. Up and up the mountains – I could see it from the window. When we got off the bus I was happy because we were in a new place that I never saw before and there were plenty of things to smell.

We started walking down steps with the other people and then down big rocks. We were walking down and down for a long time. There were lots of big trees everywhere. I was walking very fast on this part because I wasn’t hot or tired. Later we were walking normally – not down anymore – and sometimes I found it difficult to walk on the rocks. One time, I slipped on my bottom.

Every so often I got to stop for a rest and some water. Even some treats sometimes. I liked that part. We found some rivers with really cold water that I could drink. Frank always put the cold water on me – I don’t know why. I don’t really like that. But I did like to walk in the water – it made me feel nice and cool. We crossed the rivers lots of times.

Then it started to get really hot and I was so tired because we had been walking for ages! There were no trees in this part that I could sit under and so eventually I just sat on the ground. There were huge cliffs all around us. I walked for another while but then decided No More! Frank tried to pull me but I wouldn’t budge. I had had enough! That’s when Frank picked me up and carried me! That was fun because I could rest and I was up high looking at all the people. Lena was right behind me all the time. I felt better after a while and was able to walk again because there were more trees here and it wasn’t so hot.

At one rest place I saw a goat. But he was a bit different to the other goats I see every day on my walk – this guy had big curly horns! He wasn’t afraid of me at all and so that made me stay away from him. I watched him from behind a tree.

One of my favourite stops was at a tiny stone church. It was dark and cool inside and I wanted to live there forever.

Eventually, we came to a place where I was able to lie on a normal floor while Lena and Frank sat on chairs. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep. I hoped this was the end of the walking but after a while, they woke me to go more. Happily, this time we didn’t walk too far. We walked to the sea and got on a boat. There were lots of people on the boat but I was too tired to care about playing with anyone. I didn’t see any other dogs the whole day!

Soon we got off the boat and back on the same bus that we were on in the morning. The same people were on it. I don’t remember much about the journey because I fell asleep on Lena’s lap. I was so happy when Frank and Lena finally brought me home! I fell asleep straight after my dinner and didn’t wake up until the next day. I prefer my normal days and I hope I never have to do that walk again!

PS: Lenny walked down the Samaria Gorge that day (Lena).


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