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The late great Dolores O’Riordan once wrote ‘Oh my life is changing every day in every possible way’. Well, that’s how things have been for me since about four weeks ago. I spend a lot of time in the car (it’s a bit squashed – I used to have to whole back seat to myself but these days there’s loads of stuff there beside me. The good thing is I’m sitting in my bed with loads of blankies so I’m up high and can see out the window).

Every time Lena and Frank take me out of the car we are in a new place and it’s never home. For example, one time we got out of the car and we were in a huge noisy thing and I had to sleep in a cage! There were other dogs in cages too and some were barking all the time. But it was OK I guess because I got my toys and loads of treats.

Another time we got out of the car was my favorite day ever! I ran and ran and ran on a huge beach! I chased loads of birds but they flew away. It’s awful hard to catch them but some day I’ll be faster than them.

Then we went to a house where there were loads of toys. Everywhere I looked there was a teddy bear. Lena kept taking them away from me but I always found more. Later I went exploring in the garden and got stuck on a high ledge. I didn’t know how to get down because I forgot how I got up. Frank had to climb up to carry me down.

Every day Lena and Frank put me in the car even though sometimes I’d like to stay where I am. Like the time we were in a big noisy city but then we went to a great big park and I ran so fast and there were so many new smells! I met some dogs who smelled a bit funny but were nice. That was my favorite day too. All the dogs smell different everywhere we go. Most are really nice and I’d like to play with them but Frank pulls me away. Some small ones are grumpy and bark at me.

In the cities I get scared because there are loads of people and cars and bikes beside me. Sometimes I can’t see ahead of me because there are legs everywhere. I especially don’t like the motorbikes – they are very loud and fast and might drive ontop of me! The people I meet always say hello and pet me. They smell different to the people I used to know. Often I am allowed to jump up on their legs for more rubs. Rubs are great.

Some strange things I’ve encountered:

1 – We wait in a corridor and a little door slides open. We all go inside a tiny box and it’s hard to move because all the luggage is squashing me. Then a minute later the door slides open and we get out.

2 – There are weird steps here. Some have holes in them. I was afraid to go up them at first but now I’m used to them (although sometimes they are slippy and I trip over). I still don’t like the steps that are see-through. No way will I go up them.

3 – Moving steps!! Can you believe it? No way will I go on them either! Frank always carries me so it’s ok.

4 – Usually the moving steps means we are going on a train. I was on a train before so that’s OK but it’s still a bit scary and there are lots of people. The good part is playing with the people on the train. I get loads of rubs and cuddles every time!

The houses we sleep in are usually just one small room. Not like at home where I could play in the garden, sleep on the kitchen floor, and then jump up on the couch in the evening. I don’t like when Lena and Frank leave me on my own because they put me in my crate. I hate my crate. But when they come back it’s nice because they always have a treat for me and then I’m allowed to go up on the bed with them! I never saw a bed before! It’s so much fun because they play with me and I can cuddle up to them and go for a snooze. But I hate when they say ‘bedtime’ – that means I must go to my own boring bed on the floor. I pretend I don’t hear them but they always put me down anyway. Sometimes I quietly jump back up and hope they’ll leave me but that never happens.

One thing is very confusing since all this began. I used to know exactly where the toilet was – on the grass or on the beach. But these days it could be anywhere! One time (on the ferry) I was told to go on the normal ground. It felt weird but I really had to go. Then I went on the normal ground another time and Lena shouted at me! In one place we stayed I was allowed to go on the outside ground upstairs. I went on that same type of ground in a different area and that was wrong! I don’t get it. One time I knew it wasn’t the toilet but I really had to go and nobody was bringing me to the toilet so I went anyway. I got in big trouble that time. I was really sad and Frank and Lena didn’t talk to me for ages. But then it was OK and I was allowed on the bed.

Now we don’t go in the car as often. I’m glad because the car is hot all the time. I hate the car now.

Instead, we go to the beach loads! I love digging big holes in the sand and finding treasures to chew. It reminds me of digging in the garden at home but this time Frank doesn’t shout at me. I love to run all over the place! But sometimes I am not free and have to stay on the leash. Frank and Lena don’t let me run over and jump on people who are on the beach. I don’t know why, I’m sure they want to rub me. The other day, Frank brought me into the water really deep! I couldn’t reach the ground. I didn’t like it so I got out and ran down the beach away from Frank in case he put me in again. He was cross and was shouting at me. I jumped over somebody’s head who was lying on the ground. Then Lena started shouting at me too! I knew I was in big trouble so I kept running. I ran towards the person again who was now sitting up looking at me. When I got to him I jumped on his towel and stayed there. Then Frank caught me and I was back on the leash.

Now we are staying in a great house. I was so excited when I saw the big garden to explore! And the best thing happened – I have a new friend! His name is Charlie. He lives upstairs (sometimes I go up the steps to play with him and the people give me treats) and he comes down to the garden where we play for ages! Sometimes I am waiting for a long time for him to come down but eventually he comes. If he doesn’t want to play, I play with him anyway.

I wonder are we staying here forever? Is this my new home or will we have to go in the car again to somewhere else? I feel like the Littlest Hobo. There’s a voice that keeps on calling me. That voice is Frank or Lena saying, ‘Come on Lenny’. Can’t stay for long just turn around and I’m gone again.


  1. Caroline

    I love the comments from Lenny. He has a great sense of humour and gives a lovely account of all the happenings. Hopefully the relationship with Charlie goes well.

  2. Paddy

    Hey Lenny love your blog!
    I see that things can be ruff sometimes but that you are having the time of your life!

  3. Frank

    That’s awful Paddy but I’m also strangely reassured to hear that you’re not forgetting your comic roots now that you’re a dad.

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