An evening on Hydra

What water! I plunged into its depths and almost immediately the ground gave way beneath me. I was completely surrounded by water fathoms deep.

I had heard people speak and read about swimming in waters such as these. The blue, they say can be so intense that you loose all sense of your bearings, of what is up and what is down. You enter a sort of trance. And that’s exactly how I felt as I slipped into the waters of a small cove a couple of minutes outside the chora of Hydra.

Often, when you are swimming in deep water you feel a sort of fear or foreboding. What lies beneath, you think? Is a whale going to come up out of the inky depths and mistake you for an over ripe piece of krill? That’s not what what I felt in the waters off Hydra, though. Instead, the overriding sense was of what I can only describe as a pure calm. And as I swam slowly in the direction of the setting sun and its parting rays refracted through the upper levels, I fell in love with the sea again.

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