A bit foolishly perhaps, we had only booked a single night in the Art Hotel and after breakfast – which was very fine incidentally, typically German – we discovered that we would need to find a new place for the rest of our stay as the Art was fully booked. As it happened, after the annoyance of having to move all of our stuff, it turned out to be not a bad change, as the Vi Vadi Hotel was a bit nicer and we got a better deal. In terms of location, the Vi Vadi is just on the other side of the Hauptbanhof and so just as convenient as the Art and in a slightly better part of town. Although having said that, the whole area around the train station is filled with Spielhallen or penny gambling houses, which doesn’t do it a lot of favours.

Anyway, after sorting out the hotel and the now customary car move – we headed off back out towards the Laim district in search of a rack and roof box for the car. The car box was by this stage becoming a bit of an odyssey and the suspicion was mounting that it might not have a good end. Our friends at ATU took our order but warned us that it might take a few days to be delivered. Every time we asked for a lead time it seemed to increase by a day. Anyway, we had made our bed, we were staying in Munich until the parts for the car roof box could be found.

We then headed off in the direction of the S-Bahn station and emerged back into the daylight at Marienplatz, the big square that lies in the centre of Munich. Marienplatz is so named after a column erected in its centre in 1638 to celebrate the end of Swedish occupation, and its central tourist feature would appear to be the animated clock routine that kicks off on the chimes of a new hour and which you’ll see in other Medieval cities such as Prague. Personally speaking, I feel the Medieval man, woman or child on the street must have been a lot easier to amuse than their 21st century counterpart; Steven Spielberg this is not.

After that Lenny dragged us in the direction of the English gardens. Once released from the lead, he charged off like a lunatic and had a great time. This definitely ranked up there with the beaches of Normandy in Lenny’s top five. We found a nice little cabin just on the edge of the green space and we got two lovely tomato soups. On the door, there was one of those ‘If you’re an asshole, don’t enter’ signs. From our experience of its staff, they must only employ illiterates.

After that, we headed back to the hotel to deposit Lenny and for a bit of a rest. In the evening, Lena felt like some Thai food and so we ended up in a place called Peony Lounge a bit outside the centre. There was no need to book but it wasn’t empty either and the very pleasant staff served Lena a very healthy and tasty chicken curry, while I got duck in lychee and pineapple sauce.


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