Starting out

Moving house is stressful. Moving house voluntarily twice in three years is verging on crazy. In both cases though, the moves have been for exciting reasons. The first was moving to our ‘forever’ home (otherwise known as the house you will be waked in). This time around we are relocating to the island of Crete for a year. Because of that, we’ve decided to start this blog. OK, I know, what could be more annoying than reading about the trivial lives of an Irish couple living in Greece? And I’m not sure I can really argue with that. All I can say is having gone through the organisation of this trip, we’ve realised that it has been a big deal and maybe someone out there on the Interweb will gain from our experiences. Anyway, that’s the pitch over. Now back to the story.

Firstly, the introductions. My name is Lena and I work as a medical scientist with the Irish Blood Transfusion Service in Dublin, Ireland. I should say worked, as you can’t remotely work in the blood world just yet. So, my employer in a moment of transcendence has kindly granted me a year’s career break. My husband Frank will be a digital nomad, while I get to explore the far reaches of my imagination.

So after a non-stop couple of weeks – selling Frank’s car on the Wednesday before the move, and only arranging tenants for our house on the Thursday, we left Dublin on Friday with the Toyota Auris filled to the brim only three hours behind schedule. Oh yeah, we can’t continue this story without mentioning the star of the show, our intrepid explorer, Lenny, a 10-month old mini Schnauzer. After a quick final stop in Rosslare to say goodbye and be fed by Frank’s parents and brother Stephen, his wife Anna and family, we boarded the Irish Ferries Oscar Wilde at Rosslare Harbour.

We are currently somewhere on the high seas between Wexford and Cherbourg. Frank lies comatose on the bunk opposite me in our 3-star cabin with window. Lenny is in steerage. We get to visit him every couple of hours for 15 minutes at a go.

And that’s all folks for this first post. We’re looking forward to an exciting few days and weeks ahead.

Talk soon,


  1. Caroline

    Loved our mention! It was a special evening with equal amounts of excitement and sadness hovering around.

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